Take advantage of our Benefits and Opportunities:

You will be better able to focus on the strategic areas of your business such as sales, marketing, and product development.
Our management team brings a broad experience in logistics, warehousing, distribution and information technology to the partnership.
From our Texas location, we serve inbound shipments from Mexico, Europe, and South America.
Our strategically located warehouse in Houston gives you quick and convenient access to the biggest American and Mexican cities.

Our cross-border expertise will allow for your company to take advantage of new business opportunities in Mexico and Latin America.

GP Logistics is covered by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry letting us conduct business with partners and customers with complete security and peace of mind

In the last couple of years, the Company has developed a list of trusty and professional suppliers. Trucks hauling, Shipping lines and Customs Brokers, that has driven us to a successful service and work.

Our Commercial and Operations departments developed a strong structure to assure the security in their freights, Logistics and legal Council leo.