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Vision and Magazine Article

Just finished reading an article on Vision and Magazine, by Richard Armstrong, Chairman of Armstrong & Associates, inc, talking about Trucking in Mexico.

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New Mexico Border Town Strives To Become Tourist Destination

Trucks race along a winding road in the arid New Mexico desert. travel through Santa Teresa, a border-crossing port of entry and un incorporated town, they pass ware houses that store steel coil, wind tur bine blades and specialty glass. It’s a town officials say has pumped. As millions into the state economy.

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Mexican Logistics and Sorting Out the Border

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Time Manufacturing

Time Manufacturing is the leading aerial lift manufacturer in the world. With two states in the art manufacturing facilities and over 300,000 square feet under roof, Time Manufacturing is one of the premier factories of its kind.
Time Manufactures exports to all over the world, Quality, and professional service are the keys to the success of the company.
LATAM is one important region for the company, they supply with their equipment from Mexico all over to Argentina,

In 2013 The company faced some problems regarding their logistics department. Their Freight Forwarding Company did not comply with the high standards Time Manufacturing needed to distribute and transport their equipment, Bad communication, Follow up and transit time were weak points of the service.

In October 2012 GP Logistics personnel approached TM to know and understand the logistics problems they were facing. After reviewing the business. TM decided to give an opportunity to GP Logistics to move 2 containers from Waco Texas to Medellin Colombia. The result pleased the Logistics department, Good communication, follow up, Excellent transit service at a very competitive cost.

Nowadays GP Logistics is the Authorized Freight Forwarder Company to all Latin America, covering 8 countries plus in 2016 Porteo Group added Domestic and International Air Cargo Freight to its portfolio of services.

Laura Samaniego LATAM Commercial Manager of Time Manufacturing said: “With Porteo Group Logistics is the least of my problems”


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HEB is the leader supermarket in Texas and the North of Mexico and is recognized for its high-quality HEB is the leader supermarket in Texas and the North of Mexico and is recognized for its high-quality standards and excellent service
In 2006 HEB ventured in the apparel business in Mexico and by 2008 started their imports program from Asia, South America and the USA using local importers to bring the merchandise to their stores. This result in delays and high costs, so they decided to import directly by 2010.
One of the biggest challenges for apparel imports in Mexico is the labeling rules and logistics, so they decide to hire GP Logistics to make all the maquila and repacking to distribute their products into the stores
Today GP Logistics is doing for HEB all the labeling to meet the Mexico’s rules (NOM) and all the process to condition the merchandise (hanging, price labeling, etc.) to deliver it ready for display and repacking in smaller cases to make easier the distribution to the stores, helping HEB to lower their cost of goods
Nobody brings better service and personal attention than GP Logistics”, said Jorge Cortinas, HEB Mexico’s Apparel Business Development Manager

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