Porteo Group Logistics has partnered with The world’s first business management platform, Domo Inc.

Our partnership’s mission is to Optimize your business in real time by connecting you to the data and people you need to improve business results.

But, what is Domo?


Lets say I am you, and I am here in your business, trying to make sense of everything around me.

Your data is everywhere, swirling around in massive spreadsheets, applications, emails and scribbled notes on napkins. Your people are scrambling to chase it all down, but it’s moving to fast for you to keep up. So you wait on reports, operate on yesterday’s news, meanwhile decisions are being left on the table, while you are stuck standing in line. What if I told you there is a better way? Its simple, domo bring your people and your data in one place. It connects to any source of data, to hook you up with the information that matters most, no middle man or five required. Through clear visualizations, domo makes it possible for everyone in your company to operate on real actionable information and a single source of truth. And the best part? You are running your business, instead of your business running you. It’s better than BI, Bigger than analytics beyond big data, it’s your entire business at your fingerprints.


Domo allows to transform every functional area

domo transforms

If you are interested in purchasing Domo as a service for your organization, get in contact with us at info@porteogroup.com or call us at 713-429-4369

For more information, click on their YouTube channel