With cross-border logistics at your fingertips, You can now run your business without worry.

LTL : Stands for Less-Than-Truckload, which means the shipment does not completely fill an entire truck.

These shipments are commonly known as being larger than a parcel, but not as large as having the need to occupy a full truck. LTL is a very competitive option to ship palletized products that weight between 150 (68kgs) and 20,000 pounds (9,071 kgs).

Porteo Group Logistics offers LTL services from and within Mexico, as it is our specialty. We have been cross-border logistics experts for over 25 years, and can proudly say that we are the most specialized company for Mexico-US LTL cargo.

Porteo Group Logistics’s network provides complete nationwide coverage across all regions in Mexico-US. Our 23 strategically located warehouses, allows you to manage your freight shipping needs and maintain you focusing on your business, while we transport your goods knowing they are in the hands of an expert.

Moreover, with our dedicated bilingual customer service, you will be able to receive on time reports about your loads, their location, and transit times.

In our integrated solution, we are able to offer freight and custom clearance to Mexico, with our Partner in Laredo Roi Corporativo Aduanal.

Our expertise and multiple partners allows us to handle any type of merchandise that you need to transport:

  • Dry
  • Refrigerated
  • Frozen
  • Hazmat
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Liquids & Gases to over 186 countries.
    Frequently asked questions:
  • I need to send my shipment to Mexico, How do I send it?
  • What Documentation do I need?
  • Which is the best trucking company in Mexico?
  • How do I manage customs?
  • How do I clear my shipment?
  • What is the transit time?
  • What is the price for an LTL?


Our Answer:

Porteo Group Logistics, as your cross border logistics expert, will give you the best option to send your shipment.

With our IT solution called eSipo, you will be able to track and visualize your shipment on real time.

Your product will be picked up and distributed to and from any point in Mexico

Custom clearance and Mexican freight will be provided by Porteo Group Logistics, with the most competitive rates

Your Benefits:

  • Porteo Group Logistics handles all your shipments door to door
  • Monitors your freight status
  • American and Mexican Custom Broker Service
  • Customer Service
  • Professional team work
  • International trade consulting
  • Direct delivery to final destination


Important information:

Consignee must be registered at the padron de importadores (Licensed Importer) in order to import their products. This registration has to be done with Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico SHCP (Ministery of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico)

Consignee must be registered with a Custom Broker in order to clear the product, otherwise, Porteo Group Logistics can offer the service

It is the shippers’ responsibility to send cargo checking if the consignee is a registered importer

If the consignee is not registered as an importer, they can use the service of a Comercializadora (Marketer) that will import the goods with a fee.

Any Destination

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