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Logistic is a comprehensive supply chain management company providing transportation, warehousing,freight forwarding and project management services to a variety of global industries.

Domestic Freight Brokerage

“We show desire, appreciation and excitement for our customers in everything we do”
Our focus is on delivering on time performance, providing YOU with the visibility and communication that you need, having the flexibility to handle the volume that is needed, while keeping control and optimizing your costs.

Servicing you, is our primary objective, and we look forward to building and establishing a long term relationship with you, through our intimacy, passion and commitment in the Porteo Group Logistics Way, we will always match a solution to your needs.
Porteo Group Logistics is an aggregator of capacity, and it is our fundamental job towards our shippers.
We care about what it is unique for you, and create a value proposition that addresses your needs.

Our relationship with industry organizations like the American Trucking Association, Texas and Illinois Trucking Associations, Women in Trucking, Council of Supply Chain Management and the Transportation Intermediaries Association, allows us to have a clear understanding of the marketplace, and strengthen our development relations with our carriers. Moreover, in order to keep with constant changes per regulations and governmental policies, Porteo Group Logistics has also focused to develop partnerships with associations like AEM, CANACINTRA and the Greater Houston Partnership.

Our Guarantees

In order for Porteo Group Logistics to maintain their commitment and trust with its customers, all of its operations are guaranteed with a contractual agreement in all of the supply chain (broker-broker, broker-shipper, broker-carrier). Furthermore, for our customer’s protection, we are backed up by a contingent liability cargo insurance with our partner ASSEKURANZA.

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