Cross-dock operations

Cross docking is an optimized logistics process that involves the uploading of an inbound shipment, that is unloaded unto a “cross-docking” area, where it is sorted, consolidated, or even received an additional service like labelling or packing, before it is held in a temporary storage area, where it will be uploaded to an outbound truck, and delivered to its end customer.

Recent times have led to an increase in consumer demand to receive their products at the fastest possible moment. This impact has established companies and retailers to shift their focus to find ways to speed their supply chains.

Porteo Group Logistics offers a reliable and flexible solution to their needs.


42420797Through our cross dock solutions, YOU will be able to save on expensive warehousing costs, reduce delivery times, and increase your customer service.

Our cross dock solution is tailored to your needs, through a simple process of unloading your shipment, sorting it per store, and uploading it on an outbound truck, ready to ship in an estimate of 24 hours.

Our logistics customer experts, will work hand in hand with you, to create your most optimal option to improve your supply chain, and reduce its complexity.

Our goal, is to help you solve your needs, reducing inventory levels & costs, increase fullfillment time, and maximizing your delivery to your end customer.

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