Porteo Group Logistics Transport and Warehouse Management System, e-Sipo, is a LANSA-based Web solution that provides the control, flexibility and visibility our clients need to adjust to today’s ever-changing market conditions. Delivering accurate and timely information has always been a top priority of this technology. By leveraging its capabilities, customers can view real-time and detailed information about orders, available inventory, returned-items inventories and goods in transit.

e-Sipo offers extensive query and reporting functionalities as well. Business users can enter selection criteria and generate their own reports. The reporting solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, and the resulting spreadsheet documents are automatically emailed to customers.

Several of our clients use e-Sipo information to evaluate the performance of their sales division because their own internal solution shows them neither reason codes nor associated cost analysis for partial or total rejection of goods, devolution and re-shipping.

All parties involved can see the current status of orders in real-time. This capability allows our customers to make informed decisions at the very moment they are required.

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